Wildwood Drive

by Sarah Singleton

Do you think I’ve gone round the bend?”
“I’m afraid so. You’re mad, bonkers, completely off your head. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.
— Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

I'm taking a turn ... around the bend, down the rabbit hole, against the grain and off the beaten path. The professional in me wants to call it a rebranding. In reality, it doesn't really matter, except that I'm delighted to announce that I'm planning to evolve my blog. I'm getting straight weird. I'm going to try anyway. And perhaps this is mostly an internal evolution, and it won't even show up on the site as anything different at all. When I created this site, one of my intentions was to showcase my professional writing. Well, I'm removing the professional from my blog. This is no longer my portfolio for work. Work shmirk. I have a day job. This is my place to play. And it's not going to be as linear. And it's going to be a lot of fun. And I hope I can learn to give myself permission to be brave. I'd like to break rules, taboos and laugh in the face of restraint. I'd like to misspell, curse (egads!), yell and skip with glee in words. 

I'm now calling my site Wildwood Drive. This was the original name of the small country road where I grew up. At some point in my teens, for some undoubtedly governmentish-related reason, SOMEONE BORING changed the name of the road to Putnam Point Road. How unfortunate is that? It's boring as hell and it accosts people when communicated. "Put-NAM?" "Yes. Sigh." Even spelling it is predictable and plain and very unromantic. So, here, Wildwood Drive will live again. And it's going to be a weird and wonderful place. 

Now, digging in my heels, yes of course I would love to tell you about this recurring dream I have had for many years now. To set the stage, I should mention that I have a bachelor's degree in English. So, I graduated from high school. And college. However, I constantly have dreams that I am failing out of school. Sometimes, it's a combo. I'm failing out of both at the same time. Many times, I am failing out of high school and I am pained and fearful for my future. Often, too, I remind myself during my dream that I am actually an employed adult with a college degree, but my dream fights with me and pulls me under confronting me with the reality that I am going to FAIL!!! I'm FAILING! A great, big fat failure and I am not going to pass school. And it's already done. In addition, I don't know what the hell is going on. I don't know where to go to attend my classes. I walk around a combo building of my high school and elementary school, looking in lockers and going to the "main office" to ask what I'm supposed to be doing.

Because I am not a professional dream-figure-outer, I do not know why I constantly dream this. There are some lovely distractions in these dreams, filled with new school supplies, which I relish. And I see many of my former classmates in these dreams. It's fun to reconnect.  So, overall the experience really isn't that bad. It's only mildly frightening with the on-site shopping and classmate camaraderie. And my logic is present in the dream, as my inner voice reassures my spirit that everything will be alright. Even if I SUPER-FAIL in high school, college or life.