This is not my first website dot com.

by Sarah Singleton

A few years ago, I started a blog that never quite took off. I created the website, along with a very cute logo. The site was intended to showcase my writing, as well as my thoughts on Hollywood gossip. I never quite finished it. Or even wrote a single article on it. Or word. It's a testament to my impetuous spending personality that I did however purchase all of the domain registration and hosting needs for the space. Sigh. I love shopping in every possible way. 

As I was building this website, I began testing the waters with the idea. I mentioned it to friends and family, and noticed stifled giggles. I [had named it] quite appropriately, I thought. It married my love for taking baths with my fascination with celebrity. The logo was adorable, with the silhouette of a girl in a bubbly bath tub. I even edited the picture to include a little notebook computer held just above the bubbles. Perfect, or so I thought. 

About a month or so after conceptualizing it and posting a page with the logo, I attended a family wedding. Catching up with a quite tech-savvy cousin, I gleefully shared, "I'm starting a website!"

"Oh cool, what's it called?" my cousin asked.

"It's "," I said proudly.

I received a horrified reaction. "Sarah, is that... is that a porn site?"

OMG. I was speechless. Stunned. It had never occurred to me that the combination of my lifelong obsession with bath taking and a love of pop culture formed a name that would illicit such a reaction. All the good names were taken, so I had gotten very creative, or so I thought. I kid you not. That was the website's name. In my own defense, all the good ones were taken. This is however, little consolation that I named my first website, with incredible naivety and absolutely NO vetting of the name. I shook my head when I called customer service to cancel it. I winced as I said the name, and even the customer service rep gave a little giggle.