A sound bath?? Yep, it's a thing.

by Sarah Singleton in

Tonight, my mother and I visited an incredible sound bath in Williamsburg at the Studio South Foundation Launch. The foundation is a non profit organization founded with the purpose to bring yoga to those underserved in the community. This means bringing yoga to many people who otherwise couldn’t reap its benefits … women, children and seniors in under-resourced areas and those suffering from trauma, addiction and physical or mental health issues. You can learn more about this amazing new venture here.

A sound bath is all about healing through sound. Here’s a great article I found on mindbodygreen about sound baths. You roll out your mat and lay down and you are completely immersed in an array of musical sounds designed to quiet your mind and heal your body through the hypnotic and strong vibrations.

My meditation tonight was all about surrendering to a higher power, which is something that’s been on my mind lately. I participated in a reiki healing session with Donna Christensen (The Buddha’s Beads) recently, after which she designed a personalized mala for my use. Donna reads your energy in the session and she tells you what stands out for her. She noted that my chakras are quite healthy, but that my crown chakra is spinning backwards. No wonder my mind won’t be still.

So I’ve been working on surrendering to and trusting in a higher power to soothe and still my mind. I’ve been reading The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein and meditating with my cherished mala on receiving energy through my crown chakra. It’s complete with a violet tassel, to signify this focus.

I’m learning that when we don’t trust in a higher power, we are taking too much on ourselves. We tend to overthink because we believe that it is all up to us. Well, I’m ready to outsource some of these thoughts, and I’m working hard on it.

Many thanks to tonight’s musical team for the very beautiful guidance - Lian Mosher, Sandy & Cole Layman of In Layman Terms.

 My beautiful mala, which I still need to name.

My beautiful mala, which I still need to name.

The Wonderful WWW

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Growing up, I was obsessed with fashion. My mother, a talented seamstress, was mildly annoyed by my mass manufactured taste. Our humble household budget, supporting a family of seven, was not built for the shopping sprees I craved. Although we enjoyed trips to the fabric store for home sewing materials, we also took occasional trips to the mall to satisfy my yearning for labels. Junior fashion stores like Express, The Limited, Gap, and J. Crew were on the top of my list. Overpriced and mass produced sweatshirts with embellished logos were must-haves for the high school wardrobe. In retrospect, my mom's custom-made dresses were much more beautiful than the store bought items, but my well trained magazine lover's eye couldn't see that concept. What made it even more expensive than just the labels was that everything needed to match and coordinate. As I've grown up and am now happily well into adulthood, my priorities have changed, and the world has changed a great deal too in large part thanks to the World Wide Web.

The internet is to me like a Robin Hood of sorts, leveling the marketplace in supply and demand, ultimately delivering the riches to the poor. With such a wealth of goods available online, fashion is no longer so difficult to afford. Whereas before, it was necessary to make a special trip to go to a local shopping mall, it is now possible to purchase less expensive items from nearly every corner of the world. It is no longer only the rich who can afford clothes; with stores like Topshop, Forever 21, and even Target hiring talented fashion designers for their affordably priced collections. There are artisans all over the world who are happy to meet the demand for beautifully made clothes. Matched with modern businesses prioritizing customer service and technology, we have brilliant successes such as the behemoth of shopping ... Amazon.

In addition to the purely economic benefits the www has brought, it has also brought a revolutionary change in personal style. There is such a massive exchange of ideas via our communication methods that our cultures are intertwining in a beautiful way. Matchy-matchy is out the window. Anything goes, and the strict rules of fashion are no more. Brown can now be worn with black, blue with black, even navy blue! White can be worn after Labor Day, and prints are juxtaposed seamlessly.

So, as I'm perusing the online eye-candy sites such as Instagram and Pinterest, I marvel at our current reality. How fortunate we are to have the world at our fingertips, and to actually be able to afford a little bit of it too.